Protecting and Preserving Your Auto Parts: Tips for DIY Mechanics

A Comprehensive Guide on Hino Truck Service and Maintenance.

Hino trucks are reputable workhorses. They are an instant solution to contractors, organisations and business people who require a reliable and durable vehicle to transport massive loads. Read the extract below to learn how to service and maintain your Hino truck. 

Use The Truck's Manual

Your truck's manual is a vital source of information on vehicle operation and servicing. It will also help you diagnose and repair the truck. For instance, the manual tells you what to do should the truck's tray get stuck during tipping. The manual also specifies the size of wheels to use, the recommended lubricants, and when you should change truck parts such as the brake pads, timing belt and fuel filter.

Keep Your Service Records

The service records will help you track the condition of your Hino truck. For example, they indicate when your truck is due for service and the mileage at which you should replace the various Hino truck parts. Service records are an indication that you take good care of your vehicle. As such, you will have an easy time selling the truck. 

Use The Right Truck For The Right Purpose

Do not attempt to overload the truck. If you do, you risk causing accidents on the road. Always observe safety as you use the Hino truck. For instance;

  • Always park on level ground when tipping. Otherwise, the truck could topple.
  • Make use of stabilisers when tipping your load.
  • Observe speed limits. Do not over speed when the truck is loaded.
  • Proper communication will help prevent accidents at the site. For instance, you could use flags or walkie-talkies.

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspect the truck for mechanical problems. Below is a comprehensive inspection checklist. 

  • Inspect the engine bay for lubricant leaks.
  • Check the coolant, brake fluid and engine oil levels.
  • The tires should have the right pressure. Besides, they should have sufficient thread.
  • The lights and horn should be fully functional.
  • Test the parking brake and the hydraulic system. 

Insist on Genuine Parts

Hino truck parts are affordable. As such, you should avoid fake, low-quality parts. When buying used parts, deal with reputable dealers who are ready to give guarantees and warranties. If you intend to purchase used parts from a grounded Hino truck or at an auto dismantler, be on the lookout for rust, bends and cracks. Besides, you could also ask for a vehicle inspection report to determine the mileage at which the parts were replaced.

A Hino truck is your best bet when you need to transport massive loads. With the above service and maintenance tips, your Hino truck should outlive you.