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Three Primary Options for 4WD Lift Kits

Four-wheel drive trucks and utility vehicles are popular because they offer better handling and traction. They are ideal for unfavourable conditions such as off-road terrains and inclement weather. These vehicles will also provide improved acceleration and towing capability compared to standard two-wheel drive alternatives. If you have this type of vehicle and are still underwhelmed by the performance, you should consider installing a lift kit. As implied, this upgrade will lift your vehicle, improving the off-road performance. In addition, a lift kit will give your vehicle a more attractive appearance. Here are the main options to consider when choosing a 4wd lift kit.

Body Lift Kit

If you are primarily interested in the aesthetics of your 4wd truck, you should install a body lift kit. This product is designed to lift the vehicle higher and give it a more imposing visual appearance. In addition, a body lift kit will allow you to install wheels that are currently too large for your truck. This type of upgrade involves inserting spaces in your truck between the body and the chassis. The lift is beneficial because it can be installed easily by anyone with mechanical knowledge. In addition, this kit will not change the ride quality or affect the wheel alignment.

Suspension Lift Kit

A suspension lift kit will improve the performance of the vehicle, so it is the perfect choice for off-road trucks. This upgrade will give the vehicle extra ground clearance, which will allow it to move over rocky and rough roads without getting scraped. The suspension lift kit requires extensive work during installation, so you will need to hire an expert technician. Generally, this involves adding spacers to the suspension system in order to jack the vehicle up. This will give the truck more ground clearance than body lift kit and enhance the handling capabilities of the vehicle. On the other hand, you should remember that the wheels will need to be aligned after installation. Also, the stability of the vehicle will be affected due to the higher centre of gravity.

Levelling Kit

A levelling kit is not per se a lift kit, but it is also designed to improve the appearance of a four-wheel drive vehicle. Basically, when a truck is manufactured, the rear end is usually higher than the front. This property is important because it allows a heavy load to be towed or carried without instability. The levelling kit is installed in the front suspension to add more height to the front wheels to create a permanent level appearance.