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3 Trailer Parts That Improve Sway Control

When towing a trailer, external forces can pitch the trailer's mass and cause it to sway laterally against the axis or the pivot point. If the trailer does not stabilize, it will eventually sway out of control. Certain types of trailer parts can improve sway control. If you've noticed your trailer sways and is difficult to control, here are 3 types of sway control parts that can be installed.

Independent Friction Sway Control Parts

Independent friction sway control parts are installed onto the trailer fame on one end and hooked up to a small hitch ball at the other end. It supplies tension to the weight distribution system in order to prevent the trailer from swaying. These parts have friction pads on the side that create resistance and reduce further sway when the trailer becomes misaligned.

Although independent friction sway control parts are very effective, these trailer parts are generally not compatible with surge or hydraulic trailer brakes. In addition, the sway control feature should be removed when you are attempting to back up. This will make reversing easier, and will prevent these sway control parts from accidentally damaging the weight distribution system.

2-Point Dependent Sway Control Parts

If you are interested in something a little more easy to install, then you should consider getting 2-point dependent sway control parts that are directly hooked up to the weight distribution system. You will have to replace your weight distribution system in this situation. These parts rely on spring bars that apply a downward force to the brackets on both sides of the trailer frame in order to create friction and prevent swaying.

These parts are much easier to install, and are generally compatible with all types of brake systems.

Dual-Cam Sway Control Parts

Dual-cam sway control parts are a bit different than the other parts mentioned above, as they do not function by reducing sway, but by preventing it altogether. These parts rely on sliding devices that suspend spring bars to keep the trailer games in place. The precise placement of the spring bars make these parts a lot more secure while still allowing some room for movement. This will make towing your trailer a much easier task.


Depending on road conditions, you definitely want to secure your trailer with one of these trailer parts in order to reduce and control sway. This will make towing your trailer a lot more secure and safe for not only you, but also for everyone on the road.